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Topic #1007: Sporadic behavior
By Norma Dee (norm0908)

#1: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jan 18, 2018

Is anyone else experiencing problems with the site. Sometimes I get timed out and sometimes it takes forever to save and other times it's OK. Sometimes it jumps out of the screen that I am on. This is one of those times when you don't want to see troubles with this site but on the other hand you don't want problems with your own equipment.
#2: Ki Bitzar (kibitzar) on Mar 24, 2018
I also have sometimes problems. It seems accessing the database with my saves is taking very long sometimes. No idea when. It just happens out of the blue.
#3: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Mar 24, 2018
Yes. I have been timed out quit often lately. But as you say sometimes it's OK. Maybe it's related to how many users are logged on.
#4: Joe (infrapinklizzard) on Mar 25, 2018
We're having the same problems that we had before Jan fixed them by putting the databases in the same directory as the programs.

If I recall correctly, the host was putting the databases and the programs on physically separate servers which drove up the access times for practically everything. Jan solved that by putting them all in the same directory which kept them on the same server.

It worked beautifully until the host upgraded the server software without backing up the program directory thus deleting our databases.

Something along the same lines might work again, except adding in an automatic backup function this time.

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