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Comments on Puzzle #6984: For the cure
By Georgia Wren (teachno11)

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#1: wendy herndon (wendyherndon) on Oct 23, 2009

I did this same 3 day, 60 mile event a couple of years ago. (Baltimore to DC.) It was amazing!!!!!
#2: Georgia Wren (teachno11) on Oct 23, 2009
This is my first walk but I hear it is something I will never forget.
#3: Adam Nielson (monkeyboy) on Oct 25, 2009 [HINT]
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#4: Teresa K (fasstar) on Oct 27, 2009
Nice puzzle. Great cause. I'm glad you didn't use red for the pink. It solved nicely, very interesting to watch it come together. Good luck on the Walk!
#5: Georgia Wren (teachno11) on Oct 27, 2009
#6: Jane Doe (telly) on Nov 13, 2009 [SPOILER]
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#7: Luis Cavazos (luishifto) on Feb 22, 2013
Exactly monkeyboy :)

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