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Comments on Puzzle #33013: A: Because he's always spotted.
By Marie-Louise Ambrey (Tazzy)

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#1: besmirched tea (Besmirched Tea) on Oct 12, 2019

trickier than I expected, but fun and as always from you, a cute image!
#2: Jota (jota) on Oct 12, 2019
Awesome! We missed you!
#3: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Oct 12, 2019
Love his spottedness.
#4: David Bouldin (dbouldin) on Oct 12, 2019
SO great to have marz back!!
...even if she's in disguise as tazzy!
#5: Teresa K (fasstar) on Oct 12, 2019
Nicely placed pixels, Tazzy! I love the face too. It's amazing you got it to be solvable and still have a great image.
#6: Carol Brand (KarylAnn) on Oct 12, 2019
#7: Lollipop (lollipop) on Oct 12, 2019
Ditto Norma and David. We should have guessed by the clue you dropped about having created puzzles here before and your nom de plume Taz Mania. Cute.

We oldies are *so* happy to have you back with us, and the newbies have a treat in store when they make a point of going back to solve all your marz puzzles. Here's hoping you stay for a while, and by "a while" I mean forever.

Whether marz or tazzy, it's a super puzzle as usual!
#8: JoDeen Mozena (ozymoe) on Oct 13, 2019
Loved every pixel of it!
#9: Aldege Cholette (rogue) on Oct 13, 2019
Your abilities as a creator have not suffered through your absence Marz. I hope you stick around forever too. Circumstances took me away from my webpbn family but I hope to be here right to the end. I also hope to get my daughters back to making puzzles also.
#10: Marie-Louise Ambrey (Tazzy) on Oct 13, 2019
Thank you all so much! :) x
#11: Joanne Firla (JoFirla) on Oct 14, 2019
Awww. So cute.
#12: derby (Derby) on Oct 25, 2019
Love your challenging puzzles. Thanks
#13: Jane Butcher (jane-o) on Oct 26, 2019
Sweet! Thank you.

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