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puzzle quality difficulty comments size colors author
#4848: WC#21 What's The Hurry 15 35x45 5 Teresa K (fasstar)
#4851: Weekly Challenge #21: Size matters 15 40x40 4 Petra Lassen (stjarna)
#4857: WC# 21: Good 'Ol American Red, White, 'n' Blue Values 17 40x40 4 K Chouinard (codenumerator)
#4865: WC #21: Look at all the pretty colors! 5 35x25 5 Lerisruq (lerisruq)
#4880: WC#21: They've got you covered! 19 40x40 5 Tonia Bergh (tonia)
#4883: WC #21- Candy bar anyone? 13 40x40 3 Jane Doe (telly)
#4885: WC #21 - Follow the setting sun 12 25x30 4 Jennifer Jones (geekess)