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puzzle quality difficulty comments size colors author
#3553: WC #4 "most dustiest thing in my house" 21 40x40 3 Kuuipo (monkeylover)
#3557: WC#4 It can store more then just books =>) 21 30x40 3 Scott C (estray98)
#3558: WC# 4 perminate ficture 5 40x40 3 harris harris (torough4u)
#3559: WC# 4 Dusty thanks to google 9 25x45 3 Jota (Jota)
#3586: WC#4 'Dont clean my friend!' 11 40x40 3 Isabella Ambrey (izzy.1)
#3589: WC #4 Platters 14 40x40 3 Jesse Matlock (sooner aviator)
#3601: WC#4 Soft, cute and just a tad dusty. 13 50x30 3 Marie-Louise Ambrey (marz)