What happened to our database?

On May 18, 2016, this website's database was deleted when our host upgraded our operating system.

The data was restored from a backup from August, 2014. It should be safe to use the site now, though there may be some errors.

* If you joined after August of 2014, you will need to re-create your username.
* If you changed your password after that date, it was changed back.
* There are still links to puzzles that have not yet been restored.
* Discussions after August of 2014 are, sadly, probably lost forever.
* The site will not remember that you solved puzzles after August of 2014.

There are PDF versions of all of the puzzles, including the ones that were created after the backup was made. We will continue working on restoring those puzzles. You can find the PDFs of all of the puzzles here.

You can find much more detail in the WebPBN group on Facebook.

-Valerie Mates, May 23, 2016

Update: August 1, 2018:
The puzzles are back! Please see the "News" menu for details.

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