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Comments on Puzzle #29914: What this group needs...
By Teresa K (fasstar)

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#1: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jun 16, 2017

If you answer the challenge, you are automatically a winner. That's why the medal has a happy face. :-)

Thanks for the inspiration, Al.
#2: Al LaPointe (kancamagus) on Jun 16, 2017
Not a problem! My solution was not as practical as yours. :)
#3: Aldege Cholette (Aldege) on Jun 16, 2017
Thx Teresa. I've been in a rut and can't come up with any good ideas. I'll work on your challenge and come up with something I'm sure. :)
#4: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jun 16, 2017
I know you will, Aldege, because you are surrounded by inspiration with all those cute girls at your house. :-)
#5: jewel crown (jewel) on Jun 17, 2017
Sounds like fun!
#6: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jun 18, 2017
Great idea. I have been campaigning for this idea for a long time. It is so much fun to pick a theme and see all the different interpretations.
#7: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jun 18, 2017
Well, I have lots of ideas for challenges, so after a few more entries for this one, I'll start another one. Can't wait to see your entry, Norma. :-)
#8: Norma Dee (norm0908) on Jun 18, 2017
It's taking me a while to catch up from being without internet service for a week. But catch up, I will.
#9: Susan Duncan (medic25733) on Jun 19, 2017
Great challenge Teresa
#10: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jun 19, 2017
Thanks, Susan.
#11: JoDeen Mozena (ozymoe) on Jun 20, 2017
Bravo, Teresa! I love this!
#12: Aurelian Ginkgo (AurelianGinkgo) on Jun 20, 2017
I like the idea of all entries being a winner to jumpstart some creative thinking. I don't have any ideas right now, but I'll be happy to "win" if I do come up with one!
#13: Teresa K (fasstar) on Jun 20, 2017
Thanks, JoDeen.

Aurelian, you should give one a try. Nothing to lose, right? :-)

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